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Title Officer

Responsible for researching and reviewing title documents in preparation for real estate closings. The Title Officer will communicate with customers and colleagues in an effort to solve any title issues that arise. A Title Officer will sign off on underwriting documents for real estate transactions and ensure, along with support staff, that a property is free of any obstacles that could jeopardize the insurability of that property, and/or interfere with a buyer’s rights of ownership. Know the indemnity process, construction and loss of priority. Forecast additional needs to mitigate risk during borrower transactions. Working knowledge of underwriting guidelines and provide recommendations for implementation of processes to ensure proper oversight.

  • Coordinate and conduct transactions that may have intricate title issues, including compliance with title requirements, company requirements and other written instructions.
  • Is familiar with individual municipalities, county clerks, property appraisal and tax processes. This includes the review of title searches to complete title work, review of closing documents, and assistance in clearing complicated title issues.
  • Preparation and construction of Title Commitments.
  • Responsible for reviewing documents to confirm that they meet statutory recording requirements and also meet any commitment requirements for clearing title and assist in making revisions to meet said statutes and requirements prior to recording.
  • Coordinates with all parties in the review of title objection letters from lender’s and buyer’s counsel. This includes being knowledgeable to assist in clearing title issues, possessing basic underwriting skills and knowledge, clearing any survey issues, making sure that the survey meets minimum requirements, drafting a specific title exception for commitment/policies, and discussing the flow of how these things affect the transaction.
  • Responsible for monthly policy jacket reporting and remittance
  • Policy preparation and signature
  • Must be a Notary public