Mineral Reports

Landowners throughout Eastern Ohio may be the owners of a valuable possession under the surface of their land- the oil and gas products that, thanks to the development of lateral well drilling and shale fracking techniques, may represent a potentially lucrative resource.  The world of oil and gas rights is complicated however, and not many people can untangle the often interwoven threads of mineral ownership and transferal that has occurred over the years. Before a landowner can grant or lease mineral lease, the purchaser must be satisfied that no other mineral ownership claims are already in place or still valid.   Title Professionals Group is one of very few companies in Ohio with both the experience and ability to research mineral ownership for landowners, providing a clear picture of the state of their mineral rights. Armed with this knowledge, landowners can then either negotiate with the mineral owner to obtain or clear their mineral rights, pursue legal remedies to the same end, or market those rights to others to develop.