Other Services

We don’t just issue title insurance and perform closings, we strive to cater to any customer’s needs in the realm of title information and services.

Equity/Consumer products

Lenders granting a loan or line of credit that is secured by a junior or secondary mortgage often desire some protection against a development that may negatively affect the mortgage’s validity or enforceability.  Title Professionals Group provides a 24-hour turnaround on exams for such loans, and a variety of record-title, junior loan policies, and title reports to lenders.

Judicial Reports

Required by courts when adjudicating foreclosures of a variety of liens, including mortgages and tax certificates, or competing claims of property ownership, Preliminary Judicial Reports serve to guarantee the party initiating the action, and provide certain rights to eventual purchasers at Sheriff’s Sale, as the to the ownership of the property in question, its legal description, and liens and the identity of any parties or entities that may have a claim on the property as well as the nature of their claim, to enable the plaintiff to legally serve all interested parties so that they may assert their rights or forfeit them.  Supplemental Reports may be issued during such court actions, and a Final Judicial Report is generally issued just prior to the final decree of foreclosure. Title Professionals Group performs fast turnaround, experienced examining, and electronic delivery if needed to expedite this process.